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Agreement of Assessments

A workshop assignment can have either of these characteristics:

  1. In the submission and assessment phase the students see the assessments made by other students. There is no feedback from the students who submitted the work to the students who made the assessment. That is, there is only one way feedback between peers on any one piece of work.
  2. In the submission and assessment phase the students see the assessments made by other students and they are allowed to comment on these assessments. They may agree or disagree with the (peer) assessment. If they agree with the assessment then the assessment stands and is used in the final calculations when determining the peer grade given to the particular piece of work. If, however, they do not agree with an assessment the student who made the assessment is given an opportunity to revise it. The revise/disagree loop can continue until either agreement is reached or the deadline is reached. An assessment which is still in "dispute" when the deadline is reached is not used in the final grades. This gives two way feedback between peers on each piece of work.

If the second method of working is chosen there is the option of switching off the display of grades. That is, if this "hide grades" option is exercised, only the comments in the assessment are shown to the student who work is being assessed. The grades are shown only after agreement has been reached (on the comments alone). Note that this option only effective when agreement on assessments is required.

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