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UnGraded Assessments (Teacher Submissions)

Assessments of Teacher Submissions These are assessments of the example pieces of work which the assignment may require the students to make before they can submit their own work. These assessments should, in general, be graded by the teacher. The assessments will show whether the student understand the assignment and will provide possibly useful feedback to the teacher on whether any remedial action or fine tuning of the assignment is necessary. Further, if an assessment is graded the teacher's comments are made available to the student. These may provide valuable guidance to the student in the preparation of their own piece of work for the assignment.

These assessments do not have to be graded. Leaving a student's assessment of the examples ungraded when NOT stop that student from submitting their own work. It is recommended, however, that all least a sample of the assessments are graded for the reasons mentioned above.

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